New Geospatial Approaches to the Anthropological Sciences
edited by Robert L. Anemone and Glen C. Conroy
New Geospatial Approaches
                to the Anthropological Sciences

Chapter 11. PaleoCore. An Open-Source Platform for Geospatial Data Integration in Paleoanthropology

DE Reed, WA Barr, and J Kappelman

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Fig. 1. The PaleoCore open-source software stack. Mobile devices are used for field data collection. The field data are uploaded via the internet to the PaleoCore data repository hosted at the TACC. The data repository services (white boxes) allow connections from several remote-client software programs.

Fig. 2. The mapping of project data terms with PaleoCore standard terms. The terms used in a project-data model are mapped to terms in the PaleoCore data standard, which is derived from the Darwin Core and Dublin Core data standards. Some terms may need to be combined, and some do not match any standard terms.